Trails, Bikeways & Paths Plan & Snake Hill Repairs

Sammamish City Council will be having a study session on the Trails, Bikeways & Paths Plan Update Tues 7/12 6:30 pm. This is the perfect time to give public comment on your concerns related to trails and their connections in Sammamish. Also a good time to remind the city you would like the East Lake Sammamish Trail completed in a timely fashion with shoulders to accommodate multiple types of users in a safe manner. More information will be posted as we get it.

Also, you might ask, what do the Snake Hill (212th Ave. SE) repairs have to do with trails? As those who live in the south end of Sammamish know, for some time now, bikes and pedestrians have been forbidden to use this way off the plateau and down to the East Lake Sammamish Parkway and Trail as it is so narrow and in need of repair. When this writer recently contacted city staff, was told that the Snake Hill repairs have been postponed until Summer, 2017 due to environmental permitting and right-of-way issues that have taken longer than expected. More importantly, discovered that there will be four foot shoulders on the portion being repaired (the upper half). On the lower half they are only restoring existing pavement. I was concerned about having a width so one could walk/bike the road. This means you will have a nice shoulder at the top but only the white line below. Will we be allowed to walk or bike it? How safe is it to only have half done? I was told to feel free to post a comment on the 212th Webpage regarding desire for wider shoulders the whole way. Here is the link so you can do the same:

So far only 3 of us have commented on the project. I was told the City’s Comprehensive Plan does call for improvements to 212th Way which would include sidewalk. However, that project has to compete with the many other improvements listed in the plan. So your input is needed!

The public works staff person kindly forwarded my comments to Susan Cezar in Parks and Recreation related to the upcoming Trails, Bikeways & Paths Plan update. These are 2 ways to make a difference for biking and trails in Sammamish.