Sammamish Trails, Bikeways and Paths Plan (aka Non-Motorized Plan) to be Discussed

Sammamish City Council will be having a study session on the Trails, Bikeways & Paths Plan Update now known as the Non-Motorized Plan, on Tues 7/12 6:30 pm. This is the perfect time to give public comment on your concerns related to trails and their connections in Sammamish. Also a good time to remind the city you would like the East Lake Sammamish Trail completed in a timely fashion with shoulders to accommodate multiple types of users in a safe manner. If you would like to see a shoulder on Snake Hill, this also would be the time to comment. It will be repaired next summer with only a wide shoulder on the top half. This would make a connection to the ELST but if it only has a partial shoulder and none down below, it will continue to be a problem. Finally, Sammamish Friends is advocating for the “Emerald Necklace” around the city. This would involve purchasing land that would provide trail connections between the East Lake Sammamish Trail, Evans Creek Preserve, and Soaring Eagle Park. This is another great trail plan to advocate for.

Please note that Council is scheduled to go into an Executive, closed session for the first 15 min. so the actual start time will be closer to 6:45 PM. The staff are seeking input from the City Council on the final scope of work (see below) for the Non-Motorized Plan update. This final scope of work will serve as the basis for the consultant contract and project schedule.

Proposed Scope of Work:
• Public outreach and community engagement process.
• Non-motorized safety analysis, including review of existing data, coordination with Sammamish
police, transportation, schools and others.
• Evaluation and planning for safe walking and biking routes to schools.
• Planning for accessible (ADA compliant) non-motorized facilities, including curb ramps,
crossings, signals, bus stops etc.
• Completion of an inventory of existing non-motorized facilities. This work is currently underway.
• Identification of important non-motorized destinations (schools, parks, trails, neighborhoods,
Community Center, Town Center etc.)
• Analysis and inclusion of annexation areas.
• Review and analysis of State, regional and other jurisdiction plans (e.g. King County regional
trails plan, City of Issaquah, City of Redmond etc.) to ensure plan coordination.
• Updated goals and policies.
• Development of new corridors and routes.
• Development of a prioritized capital project list that includes the following:
o Criteria for rating projects
o Project scope
o Planning-level cost estimates

The proposed schedule for updating the plan is quite lengthy with adoption scheduled for Spring, 2018:

Inventory/data preparation Spring-Fall 2016 (in progress)
Scoping Meeting with City Council July 12, 2016
RFQ/consultant selection and contract Fall-Winter 2016
Project Kick-off End of 2016
Public Outreach Begins Spring 2017
Planning/Parks Commissions Ongoing 2017/Early 2018
City Council Ongoing 2017/Early 2018
Plan Adoption Spring 2018

It is important that Council hear that people care about the plan and know early on what issues the residents have.