Support the East Lake Sammamish Trail

We’re on the brink of completing the East Lake Sammamish Trail…But we need your help!

The East Lake Sammamish Trail is part of the 44 mile regional trail system connecting Seattle to Snoqualmie — but it’s more than a regional connector; it’s a local amenity and a community investment. 

Completing the trail to national standards through the City of Sammamish sections will enable people of all ages and abilities use the trail as a transportation and recreation amenity, whether on foot, by bike, with a stroller or use of wheelchair. 

To end delays to the trail the City of Sammamish needs to hear from trail users and Sammamish residents.  

The current holdup is the Shoreline Substantial Development permit which is issued by the City of Sammamish.  The city issued the permit on July 7, 2015 with 19 conditions.  The City and County came to an agreement on all but 4.  The homeowner’s group, SHO appealed the permit as well as King County. The appeal was heard before the hearing examiner.  On February 8, 2016 he released his decision denying the homeowners appeal. He granted three of the four remaining appeal issues the County had regarding the conditions required by the City and agreed with the City on the 4th condition.   The City appealed this decision first, followed by SHO and finally King County and it was heard in front of the Shoreline Hearings Board this past summer.  On Sept. 14th, the Board ruled that SHO did not meet the burden of proof on their issues.  They sided with the County on 3 out of 4 conditions and struck them.  SHO asked for reconsideration and were denied.  They are now raising funds so they can take it to Superior Court.  The City could decide to do the same and thus the need to let them know you want the permit to be issued in a timely fashion without the disputed conditions.  All these legal issues are just related to the 1.2 miles South Sammamish A section of the trail from the Issaquah border to the 7-11 on East Lake Sammamish Parkway.  Tom Hornish, one of our council members was the former head of SHO before he served on council.  There are various other council members who also support this group.

Please join us on Tuesday. Let council members know why completing the trail matters to you.

Tuesday, October 18, 6:30 pm
Sammamish City Council meeting
Council Chambers, Sammamish City Hall

When you enter council chambers there will be a signup clipboard to give public comment.  Since the trail is not on the agenda, you will be speaking under the Public Comment section of the agenda:

If you can’t make it, please consider sending an email to the following city decision makers:

Lyman Howard, City Manager  
Jessi Bon, Deputy City Manager
City Council…this goes to all:   

Together we can complete the East Lake Sammamish Trail!