How you can help

If, like us, you want to see the East Lake Sammamish Trail completed to regional trail standards, and the city of Sammamish’s energy and resources directed back to pertinent community issues, then please join us in speaking up for the trail!

Who’s responsible for building the trail?

King County is responsible for developing the trail; the city of Sammamish is responsible for issuing permits for construction of the trail.

Tell the City of Sammamish that you support the trail

Construction of the final section of trail cannot be started until a Shoreline Substantial Development permit is obtained from the City of Sammamish. Thus, it is important for the city council and staff to know that completion of the trail in a timely manner is important to both the citizens of Sammamish and the larger community.

There are several city council members who support a narrower trail. In fact, one is the head of the homeowners group that has appealed the permit and the county’s ownership. Thus, it’s critical that city council hear from you and ask them to consider the needs of trail users by permitting a trail that is sufficiently wide to accommodate the number of predicted users.

The best way is to come to public comment time at Sammamish city council meetings. You are allowed 3 minutes if you are representing yourself. Usually it is first on the agenda. City council meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of the month. See the City calendar:

If you can’t make it to city council, another option is to send an email to council:

Also, send to Lyman Howard, city manager

Jessi Bon, Deputy City Manager

David Pyle, Deputy Director, Community Development

The talking point should be the need to keep the trail at it’s full planned width of 18 ft. for trail user safety.